PulFORCE’S At-A-Glance™ Control System substantially simplifies pultrusion machine operator controls.

PulFORCE’s At-A-Glance™ Control System was created to empower pultrusion operators to:

  • Immediately see what mode the machine is in

  • Easily change the mode on the fly

  • Access every critical function on one screen

  • Control multi-clamp configurations

  • Work from local area controls for troubleshooting downstream

  • Work smarter and safer


Improve safety with simple, single-screen controls.

To maintain safe working conditions, it’s important that machine operators have the ability to quickly determine what mode their machines are in, and to easily adjust that mode on the fly. The PulFORCE Team was looking for a way to make operation of our pultrusion machines simpler and safer.

“I am always surprised at how cumbersome most control systems are – haphazard button panels, tiny, black and white touch screens, manual valve controls, etc. – they make it very difficult to operate the machine in a safe, seamless fashion. Our At-A-Glance™ Control System was developed to change all that.”
Dave Martin
CEO/Founder, PulFORCE


Pultrusion Equipment
pultrusion machine control screen
HMI control box for pultrusion machine

At-A-Glance™ Control System

It’s right there in the name. This intuitive control system lets the operator easily see what mode the machine is in, from either side of the machine, even from a distance. Operators can easily adjust all machine functions from a single control screen, which also provides audible and visual feedback to the operator.

Notable features of the At-A-Glance™ Control System:

  • Color-coded Human Machine Interface (HMI) Screen

    All-inclusive, single control screen that offers feedback on machine status and all the necessary controls. Eliminates the need to click through multiple pages to retrieve information and adjust operation. Buttons are colored when active and greyed-out when inactive.

  • Operator Panel Stack Lights

    Operator is able to see the machine status at-a-glance (i.e. green = run mode, yellow = paused, red = stopped).

  • Operator Panel Audible Alarm

    The audible alarm horn will immediately alert the operator to any warning or alarms.

  • Puller Stack Lights

    On machines with multiple clamping configurations, the pullers are equipped with color-coded stack lights that indicate the current clamp scheme and whether it’s active.

  • 300-Degree Pendant, Swing-arm Display

    The operator’s HMI panel can rotate and also swing 300 degrees to allow the operator to maintain full control from either side of the machine.

  • Local Button Panels
    Allow the operator to control major functions of the machine from areas other than the HMI screen (i.e. Pause button at die station, clamp mode and Start/Pause/Stop buttons at pullers.

The innovation of the PulFORCE At-A-Glance™ Control System brings safety and simplicity to clients, and exemplifies our commitment to remaining a leader in the pultrusion industry.

Call us. Pick our brains. Tell us what you’re envisioning and how pultrusion fits into your plans. In just 15 minutes, we’ll show you how PulFORCE innovation can make your manufacturing process easier, safer, and more productive.
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