Unparalleled control for multi-clamp configurations.

PulFORCE’S Multi-Cavity Clamp System substantially increases operational flexibility, which allows you to get the most from your pultrusion machine.

PulFORCE’s Multi-Clamp system was designed to:

  • Tether together two or more independent clamp zones to act as a single zone

  • Run compatible profiles of differing widths and heights

  • Increase operational flexibility

  • Increase throughput


Build a machine with 4-cavities that can be used independently or tethered into multiple configurations.

“Multi-cavity production is common in pultrusion, but almost exclusively with identical, flat, or solid body profiles. Independent clamp zones provide the flexibility to run compatible profiles of differing heights, or even multiple thin-wall, hollow profiles. PulFORCE’s innovative tethering technology takes this even further by making it possible to run profiles of differing widths.”  
Dave Martin
CEO/Founder, PulFORCE


pultrusion machine controls
pultrusion machine controls
pultrusion machine controls

Four independent clamp platens on a single puller can be physically and electronically tied together to create eight different clamping configurations. Clamp platens are first physically tied together via tethering bars which index to each platen via a precision ground keyway to guarantee a perfect tether. Once the hardware is installed, the operator can choose the correct clamping configuration via the HMI. When this setup is complete, the onboard PLC runs a safety diagnostic which can sense which zones are tethered. This diagnostic is performed as a safety check against any incorrect entries by the operator. If any discrepancies are found the machine will prompt the operator to fix the configuration before proceeding.

Result: The ultimate versatility in multi-cavity production. Profiles of differing heights and widths can be processed simultaneously on the same machine.

Call us. Pick our brains. Tell us what you’re envisioning and how pultrusion fits into your plans. In just 15 minutes, we’ll show you how PulFORCE innovation can make your manufacturing process easier, safer, and more productive.
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